The Midlands Langar Society is a vital charity providing food for the homeless and others in need. It is founded on the fundamental principle of Sikhism that everyone is equal and upon entering a Sikh Temple will be given food and drink regardless of class, creed or colour. The Midlands Langar Society feed thousands of people who otherwise would not receive a basic square meal a day.

It was National Langar Day on 5 October 2016 and the team, led by Paramjit Kandola (a secretary in the Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Department), cooked traditional Indian food for the whole of Private Client Services and raised £181.35 in aid of the charity!

Additionally, on 14th October 2016 it was the Child Brain Injury Trust National “Glow Day” campaign. The Child Brain Injury Trust has long been a partner with Anthony Collins Solicitors supporting and helping children and their families who have suffered a brain injury. Glow Day is an awareness campaign to raise the importance of children wearing reflective clothing when they are outside, particularly in the autumn and winter months. Statistics show that wearing reflective clothing does save lives and prevent serious accidents such as a brain injury.

The Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury team baked cakes and sold samosas to the whole firm while wearing bright clothing and even more brightly coloured nail varnish to support the cause! The team managed to raise £280 on the day!

Rankeshwar Batta, Head of the Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Department said,

“supporting charities who have a like-minded mission to us is a fundamental part of our work here at Anthony Collins Solicitors.  We support some of the most vulnerable people in society when they suffer a serious accident, and it was an absolute pleasure to support the Midland Langar Society and Child Brain Injury Trust in their respective campaigns to do likewise. I am so pleased that the whole team got behind both initiatives and some of us even wore nail varnish for the first time (including myself!) which truly shows that we are prepared to do almost anything in support of a good cause!”

For more information

For more details about the two charities, please click on Child Brain Injury Trust or Midland Langar Seva Society and if you require more advice on the services we offer in the Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Department, please contact Rankeshwar Batta.