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CECET is a ground-breaking institution in UK education, bringing together the dioceses of Birmingham and Lichfield, with the University of Wolverhampton, to deliver school improvement along with a range of services to schools, including CPD and leadership development.

Set up as an 'Umbrella Trust', CECET provides the overarching accountability framework for the system development of academies.  It will therefore become a member of every new academy trust established in the Diocese of Lichfield, and potentially Birmingham.

The event started off with Eucharist in Lichfield Cathedral before moving over to the Guildhall for the main conference, with well-respected and revered speakers regarding Christian education.

Chris Whittington, Head of Education at Anthony Collins Solicitors, played a key role in ensuring the success of the event. Having arranged for Lord Williams of Oystermouth, DD FBA (+Rowan Williams), Master of Magdalene College Cambridge and Fr Laurence Freeman, a Benedictine monk and Director of The World Community for Christian Meditation, to attend the event, he facilitated a structured conversation between the pair around the subject of Christian meditation in schools and the development of the 'whole person' in education.

The conversation highlighted the benefits to children and young adults of Christian meditation and opportunities for schools to develop this within their own environments, as well as highlighting any potential issues that might arise.

+Rowan Williams also spoke about Christian education values and a vision for the 21st Century, before opening the floor for discussions and questions.

Attended by 130 Head Teachers and Chairs of Governors, the event was a huge success and CECET is looking forward to enhancing the provision of education through a focused, collaborative approach to high-quality school improvement.

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For more information about CECET please see www.cecet.org.uk

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