Cliff is a recognised expert in the corporate governance of mutual, co-operative and membership based organisations and brings with him over 20 years’ experience advising leading co-operative societies, including more recently mutual organisations which have “spun out” of local government.

David Alcock, head of co-operatives and mutual governance at ACS commented: “It gives us great pleasure to welcome Cliff to the team. The wisdom and clarity that Cliff brings to governance issues means that he is a valuable asset to the sector and will allow the firm to continue to contribute to the good governance of co-operatives and mutuals across the board.”

“We’re seeing all kinds of organisations considering mutual and co-operative models, including lots of parts of the public sector.  We need to offer informed support about how these models can work really well, to support the aspirations of those involved, and Cliff can help us to do that.  He’s part of the co-op movement and we want to support that sector in all it does.” he added.

Cliff said: “It is refreshing to find a firm which is values led and so has much to offer the co-operative and mutual movement.  I am really pleased to be joining a group of people with great skills and real commitment in this important and growing area of enterprise.”