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The Bridge is a Birmingham based charity bringing hope to men and women recovering from drug and alcohol addictions as well as those exiting prostitution. It does this by running three supported accommodation houses in Birmingham, supporting tenants from early recovery to re-engaging them with employment and helping to establish independent living.

Staff at Anthony Collins Solicitors are helping the charity in a number of ways. Steven Warburton was one of the firm’s trainee solicitors who went to meet with the charity:

“At the beginning of the year, we had a meeting with staff from The Bridge to understand what it was really about. It became immediately clear that their needs extended beyond fundraising alone.”

That initial meeting helped the trainees formulate a plan of support over the coming year, which includes firm wide fundraising activities such as a sports day and samosa sales alongside the regular sourcing and donating of day-to-day key items that tenants need, such as toiletries, food, office equipment and home ware.

In a recent visit to The Bridge, trainee solicitors Beulah Allaway (pictured, third from right) and Emma Watt (pictured far right) delivered the firm’s most recent collection and saw first-hand how the donation would be best put to use.

Beulah commented: “It was such a useful visit for us. The Bridge is a small, but vital charity. Given its limited resources it is important that we are supporting it in the right way. Meeting the staff and tenants at one of the houses today has really helped us to focus on which donations they are most in need of at the moment.”

Beulah and Emma also took the opportunity to talk to the tenants about the vital work that The Bridge does to support their recovery as well as finding out whether there were things at the home that the tenants felt would benefit from improvement.

The tenants were keen to make the most of their garden area and always up for a challenge, the trainees pledged to return in spring with supplies, tools and manpower to help them realise their aspiration.

For more information about The Bridge, see http://www.thebridge.uk.net/ or call 0121 633 0103.