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Please note that this webinar will be held on GoToWebinar.

In this webinar, Tim Coolican and Sarah Huntbach will provide an overview of the inquest process covering the following topics.

  • What is an inquest?
  • When is an inquest held?
  • What is its purpose?
  • Who is involved? (The role of the coroner, Interested Persons, public and the media)
  • Overview of possible conclusions
  • Reports for the Prevention of Future Deaths
  • Potential aftermath (e.g. referral to the police)

This webinar should be attended by operational managers, line managers to operational staff, regional managers and senior managers. For care providers, this may be branch managers, care home managers, regional managers and senior managers (for example, those with responsibilities in relation to care quality). For housing providers, this may be property managers, managers of operational staff (including those handling anti-social behaviour, repairs and assessing tenant suitability for certain properties) and senior managers (for example, those with responsibility for housing repairs, health & safety, compliance and maintenance).

At the end of the second webinar, we will be holding a question and answer session on the topics that have been covered in this webinar and the second webinar of the series. If you have any questions in advance, please send them to our regulatory team.

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