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Please note that these roundtable events will be hosted on Zoom.

Early indications are the September 2021 CPI figure is going to be one of the highest in recent memory, driving up 2022 potential rent increases for many social housing tenants across the country just when they are facing many other cost of living increases. We, therefore, foresee the potential for strong and opposing opinions between board members as they debate the level of the future rent increase at a time when many board members have felt distant to decision making in a virtual environment.

How can governance teams facilitate strong collective decision making for boards that enable different views to be aired and for it to be a unifying, rather than a divisive, experience? Our team will walk delegates through some top tips in how papers can be prepared and debates orchestrated to maximise buy-in and delegates will be able to share how they are each approaching the subject with their board. Andy Roskell, Managing Director of DTP, will also be on hand to provide wisdom and expertise.

Who should attend?
Company secretaries, heads of governance and heads of legal.

Victoria Jardine, partner, Anthony Collins Solicitors
Sarah Patrice, partner, Anthony Collins Solicitors
Catherine Simpson, senior associate, Anthony Collins Solicitors
Andy Roskell, managing director, DTP

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