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Following the launch of Thrive, please join us for an Engagement Session to find out more about the behaviours and what Thrive means to you.

Pulse will provide to an overview of the methodology we use (i.e. how Thrive works), so you can see that there is a structured and deliberate process that ACS will follow to create our intentional culture. This will include the key steps in the process, and some of the behavioural psychology that underpins the programme. 

You will also get an idea of what you need do to fulfil your part in the programme, and to help Thrive to get off to a good start – laying the right foundations.  This will include a little more information about the checkpoint (survey) and how that works, but also what you should be doing between checkpoints as this is the most important time.

There will be plenty of time to ask questions so we can clarify or respond to any concerns you might have at this stage.

Pulse have a saying – you get what you focus on.  If we choose not to engage and participate then it is unlikely we will derive any lasting benefit from the programme.  If we trust the process and follow the steps then we will build the intentional culture that will help ACS to move from good to great, and we will all benefit, collectively and individually from the benefits that working on culture can bring.

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30 May

4 June