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Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP, 134 Edmund Street, Birmingham, B3 2ES
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2015 has already been a year of huge changes in the sector, including:

  • the implementation of the new Governance and Financial Viability Standard, together with its accompanying Code of Practice, and the new Rent Standard;
  • an increase in more “muscular” regulation by the Regulator, with more downgrades being issued;
  • the introduction of a new NHF Code of Governance, to align with the requirements of the new Governance and Financial Viability Standard; and
  • increased focus by the Regulator on the need to meet the Value for Money (“VFM”) Standard.

The election of a majority Conservative Government also means that there are likely to be huge changes to your operating environment arising from changes to the Right to Buy, welfare benefit cuts, new controls around the eviction of illegal immigrants and proposed local devolution.

We propose to look at these changes in a practical way, designed to help smaller registered providers understand how they may be affected and what they need to be doing to react to, and pre-empt, such issues.

In particular, we will look at:

  • changes under the new Regulatory Framework, including the need to put in place assets and liabilities registers and the new emphasis on risk, and what your organisation should be looking to implement;
  • what makes an effective Board;
  • what’s new in the 2015 NHF Code of Governance;
  • the changing policy landscape, with a “state of the nation address” from the NHF;
  • the heightened expectations on VFM and Graeme Foster will share his experience of developing his first VFM strategy and statement.


9.30am - Registration and refreshments

10.00am - The New Regulatory Framework and what it means for smaller registered providers

Yvonne Davies, Scrutiny and Empowerment partners Ltd, and Gemma Bell, Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP, will discuss the drivers behind the new Regulatory Framework and the key changes it introduces, including:

  • the new focus on Board skills;
  • the emphasis on risk, stress testing and mitigation strategies; and
  • the new requirement to put in place asset and liabilities registers

...together with implications for smaller registered providers.

11.00am - Morning Break and Refreshments

11.15am - “The State of the Nation”

Henrietta Brealey, External Affairs Manager, West Midlands for the NHS, will talk us through the current political climate for housing, concentrating on housing associations and discuss the changes and new requirements from the 2012 to the 2015 NHF Code of Governance.

12.00pm - Lunch and networking  

12.30pm - “What is an effective Board?”

Yvonne Davies, Scrutiny and Empowerment partners Ltd, will discuss the increased emphasis and an approach you might like to adopt on skills audits, succession planning and Board effectiveness in Governance reviews. Gemma Bell, Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP, will discuss risk and the role of the company secretary and what this means for your organisation.

1.30pm - “Our journey and approach to deliver Value for Money”

Graeme Foster, CEO at Alpha Homes, will share his experiences of carrying out a review of Value-for-Money statements for a group of smaller providers in the North West. Graeme was a HCA strategic regulator until October 2014 and will attend the conference to share his experience as a new CEO meeting the VFM requirements.

2.00pm - Question and answer session

2.30pm - Thanks and close

2.30pm - Optional – surgery on AGM issues – please bring any burning questions about holding AGMs for Yvonne and Gemma to answer