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Some have evolved organically from grass roots support groups and continue to be driven by the passion of local volunteers loosely coordinated by a national body with a particular focus on political influencing. Others have taken a more planned approach, delivering services locally through a tightly controlled national structure.

At their best, federated charities have the scale and influence to take a place on the national stage, while remaining responsive to local needs. However, oft-cited challenges, include:

  • the difficulty in securing quick change in a complex organisation;
  • friction over geographic ‘areas of benefit’;
  • the need to manage service quality across a range of member charities that differ widely in size and nature;
  • the need to communicate the value of the federal structure – and be transparent with funders about associated costs; and
  • the need for central bodies to demonstrate they give their members value for money.

In the current financial environment, many of these challenges are brought into relief. As charities of all sorts seek to increase their income, diversify income streams and reduce costs they face important questions, including:

  • how to work together to bid for and win contracts to deliver public services;
  • how can the central office add most value? What role should it play in helping local members reduce costs?;
  • how can the central charity help member charities to be more effective, while encouraging innovation?;
  • how can the members and the central body best co-operate to develop and market new branded services?;
  • what are the implications for governance of a federated structure – how can the members of a federation and its national body work together to achieve change?

This practical workshop provides an opportunity to consider recent legal developments in the context of federated charities and share knowledge and ideas with people from other federated charities.

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Registration will be from 9:30 am for a 10 am start to the session.

Please note that lunch is included on the day.

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