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Anthony Collins Solicitors, 134 Edmund Street, Birmingham B3 2ES
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Who will be there?

Mark Cook (Partner) and Ben Smith (Associate), both experienced procurement practitioners.

What is it about?

An in-depth look at why evaluation of tenders so often goes wrong, the common mistakes that are made, and what to do to minimise risk and potential challenge when evaluating tenders. Focussing on:

  • making sure prequalification issues are evaluated at the right time;
  • setting and sticking to suitable evaluation criteria;
  • getting the balance right between price and quality criteria;
  • how to evaluate price;
  • quality, technical merit and other non-price criteria;
  • the status of subcriteria and how to use them;
  • the perils of changes to evaluation criteria mid-process;
  • evaluation in the competitive dialogue process;
  • how to evaluate tenders fairly and transparently;
  • presentations, interviews, site visits and references;
  • the criteria you use under framework agreements for mini-competitions and direct call-off; and
  • record keeping and feedback in the standstill letters.

Why should I attend?

You are working in a procurement or legal team within a contracting authority, and want to know more about how to evaluate tenders in a compliant but effective way which minimises risks and achieves value for money. 

Additional Information

Registration from 9.30am