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Please note that this workshop will be hosted on Zoom.

Whether or not the Government achieves their ambition to bring significantly more schools into strong MATs, the effective collaboration will be increasingly important over the coming years.

Whether it is a collaboration with MATs, between MATs, or between MATs and other types of education providers and organisations outside the sector, there is a growing recognition of the need to pool and effectively deploy resources and knowledge.

In this workshop, we’ll look at key considerations and models for the collaborative journey, including:

Preparing for the journey

  • Recognising that all value is co-created
  • Obstacles to collaboration (internal and external)
  • Establishing the basis for cultural and operational synergy

Models for collaboration

  • Informal
  • Contractual
  • Joint venture

Who should attend?
MAT CEOs, senior officers and trustees interested in collaboration within and between organisations.

Chris Whittington, head of education, Anthony Collins Solicitors
Phil Watts, senior associate, Anthony Collins Solicitors