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LGG Annual Governance Conference 2014 In association with LLG, Waltham Close, London Stansted Airport, Stansted, CM24 1PP
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"The council as facilitator of collaboration in public services: policy and legal opportunities."

What is it about?

Future demand and financial challenges will re-shape public services - but the question is how.  If we want to see a system that meets the holistic needs of citizens rather than races to the bottom, we need a new emphasis on working together across tiers and sectors of a fragmented system. This seminar looks at the challenges facing public services across the board, some of the developing thinking and the legal framework for delivering collaborative approaches that move away from the traditional commissioner-contractor model.


Dr Henry Kippin is director of Collaborate, an independent social business focused on improving cross-sector collaboration in public services. He is a visiting fellow of the School of Politics and International Relations at Queen Mary University of London, and a visiting fellow at the UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence. His most recent book is "Public Services: a new reform agenda" published in 2013 by Bloomsbury Press. 

Mark Cook is a partner at Anthony Collins Solicitors and a lawyer who advises people and organisations on how to work together across the public, private and civil society sectors. He provides strategic advice on models for transforming public services, using the law to create flexible routes for achieving change. He works hard to deliver solutions that involve people in local communities and he believes in the ability of those on the ground to make the difference in the neighbourhoods where they live and work. He is company secretary of Collaborate.

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