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Mutual society law is an important subject area for those supporting businesses that operate for a social purpose, but it is not an area of law that is usually taught as part of business studies or legal training.

This course brings together lawyers with more than two decades of experience in advising mutual societies at the highest level, Cliff Mills and David Alcock of Anthony Collins Solicitors, and the Chair of the UK Society for Co-operative Studies, Ian Adderley (who is also the Senior Associate in the Mutuals Team at the Financial Conduct Authority).

The course will cover the essential legal content for those who need to understand the distinctive law of this key sector, including:

  • the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 and its background;
  • criteria for registration;
  • the outline framework of governance;
  • share capital and its difference from company law;
  • transfers of engagements and conversions;
  • accounting and audit requirements; and
  • the mutual society registration regime.

The course also covers mutual societies in the wider context of legal structures, including companies and charities, and their role in public sector reform. There will be a Q&A after each session, and a chance to network with other practitioners during the coffee and lunch breaks.


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