This award, presented at a gala dinner on 15th July, recognises the enormous efforts Nazan has made to improve road safety since her teenage daughter, Hope, died after being knocked over by a HGV lorry on Kings Heath High Street in 2011.

Ann Houghton, specialist personal injury solicitor at ACS, represented Nazan in a civil claim arising from Hope’s death.  Ann said “Since Hope’s tragic death Nazan has campaigned tirelessly for better road safety, on a national scale, but specifically in the Kings Heath area.

“She has unstintingly raised the issue of road safety for pedestrians through the establishment of the impactful ‘Live In Hope’ campaign. We hope that the campaign will lead to changes being made not only in Kings Heath, but the wider area and HGV industry, including restricting access for HGVs on unsuitable roads and improving use of lorry mirrors.

“This award from RoSPA is recognition of all the effort Nazan has put into this and her heart-felt commitment to improving the safety of others in the future.”

Ann added “Nazan has also raised the issue of mobile phone use when driving in the media.  As part of our work to represent Nazan we secured evidence to show that the lorry driver who hit Hope had been exchanging text messages shortly before the incident.  Sadly this is something that we come across time and time again, despite it being against the law to use a mobile phone when driving.

“ACS represents many clients who have been injured because a driver simply was not looking at the road when driving because they were using their mobile phone.  It is shocking to see how many innocent people are injured because of this wide-spread problem.”

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