The new thresholds are:

Current threshold

New threshold from 1 January 2016


£4 322 012

£4 104 394

Services / supplies

£172 514

£164 176

“Light touch regime” services*

£625 050

£589 148

Small lots** for services and supplies

£66 672

£62 842

Small lots** for works

£833 400

£785 530

These will apply to all procurements begun after 1 January 2016.

* The Light Touch Regime applies to social and other specific services including health, education and legal services.

** Where a contracting authority has a ‘single requirement’ for works, services and/or supplies, up to 20% of that requirement may be let as a separate contract or as a number of contracts as long as each contract has a value less than the applicable small lots threshold.

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Please contact Andrew Millross.

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