Procurement in practice - Avoiding the pitfalls and getting the best result covers:

  • the building blocks to put in place in a successful procurement process and the stages involved;
  • how and when to involve residents;
  • relevant European Union (EU) regulatory framework; and
  • insight, views and practical advice from housing associations and contractors.

The EU procurement chapter was written by Anthony Collins Solicitors’ Andrew Millross. Andrew says:

The next edition of the NHF Guide to the EU Procurement Rules is unlikely to be published until after the new EU procurement Directive is implemented in 2015. This Guide gives practical explanation of the current legal position on the EU procurement issues that come up time and again when tendering maintenance contracts.

The EU procurement chapter deals with issues such as DLOs, joint ventures, mutuals and cost sharing groups. It includes a flowchart to work out when the EU rules apply and a comparison of the competitive dialogue and restricted procedures. It also deals with specific issues like late or incomplete PQQs, the use of references, bid clarification, abnormally low tenders and how to write award criteria.

The book also covers the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, the use of buying clubs and the training and support you should give to residents who are involved in procurement.

The cost is £45 (or £35 for NHF members). Copies are available from the National Housing Federation - click here to view or call 020 7067 1066.

For more information

Contact Andrew Millross on or 0121 214 3637.