The NEC contracts have been updated and revised to take account of new modern construction approaches; they are designed to encourage collaborative working and are available across the whole spectrum of works, services and supply. They support innovation through digital advances and incorporate changes recognised as appropriate by users over the last 12 years since the publication of the third edition.

The use of the NEC3 will continue to be fully supported alongside the introduction of the NEC4.

The NEC contracts are becoming the public sector contracts of choice in the UK, and are endorsed by the Constructions Clients’ Board.  They are being used for an increasing number of projects, and service and facilities maintenance contracts by national and local government bodies and agencies.

Ross Hayes, of Anthony Collins Solicitors, is part of the drafting team for this new edition.

For further information

A fuller e-briefing will follow shortly.  For advice please contact Ross Hayes or Andrew Millross.