The maximum discount available to tenants exercising their right to buy (RTB) or preserved right to buy (PRTB) (in England only) is increasing.

For those housing associations taking part in the Midland Voluntary Right-to-Buy(VRTB) Pilot, discounts should also be increased to this level to reflect the statutory scheme.

The maximum discount available to tenants who make an RTB, PRTB or VRTB application, which is received by the landlord on or after 6 April 2019, will be:

  • £82,800 outside of London
  • £110,500 within London

This amount increases every year in April in line with inflation.

This change does not affect applications that are ongoing as at 6 April, it only affects new applications received from tenants on or after that date.

The maximum discount amount for the RTB and PRTB will be reviewed again next year.

For more information

For further information please contact Stefanie Zandy-Smith.