Many are asking the same questions. In order to provide cost effective advice we are preparing a toolkit which will address the following Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who is affected by the decision?
  2. How do you practically implement the decision?
  3. How do you determine what is ‘normal remuneration’ and therefore what needs to be included when calculating holiday pay?
  4. How do you decide which ‘holiday’ is covered?
  5. How do you modify pay and your working arrangements, if at all?
  6. Do you need to change your Employment contracts?
  7. How far back can workers claim?
  8. What might any appeal in this case mean?

The toolkit will be available on Friday 14 November 2014 and costs £150 + VAT.

For more information

If you would like to purchase the toolkit or need specific advice for your organisation please contact your normal contact in our employment team or Matthew Wort, Partner on 0121 214 3501 or email

If you missed our briefing last week, please click here.