For example:

  • How far are your staff already identifying how service user needs individually and collectively are going to change and develop over the coming years?
  • How are the packages of care you offer going to develop and change to ensure you are the provider of choice?
  • How will you demonstrate your USP?
  • How far are you ready to take on services if another provider exits the market?  Do you have a compelling view of what you would do differently so you don’t just pick up new liabilities?
  • If particular services are being cut what is your response going to be?  Do you know which contracts you can take a robust line on as you can afford to walk away?
  • Who else do you need to engage with to develop new work?  Are you building strong relationships with commissioners and CCG’s at a local level?
  • What is your compelling non cash offer to staff to improve recruitment and retention?

As a sector you deliver a crucial public service to be proud of.  We love being able to support it.  How far, collectively will the sector shout about the vital work it does in the coming year and communicate the actual cost of care?

It would be great to look back on 2016 with some compelling stories of how the sector has thrived amidst the challenges.  What can you be doing to get on the front foot?

Further information

For more detail about any of the questions raised here, please contact  Matthew Wort