This is a very sad case, where Mrs McDonald’s daughter Rachael became concerned about her mother’s overly apologetic behaviour within the care home. She was so concerned she decided to monitor her mother’s care and placed a camera within her mother’s room. The footage shows Mrs McDonald a 68 year old lady with dementia, being verbally and physically abused. The footage has led to criminal proceedings and internal disciplinary action being taken by the home.

At Anthony Collins Solicitors we have represented the families of vulnerable people who have suffered different forms of abuse, including cases where the family has obtained evidence, either video or audio of sickening physical, verbal and emotional abuse. We have helped families to bring claims for compensation, to enable the injured person to receive proper care in the future and treatment for the often significant emotional and psychological consequences of the abuse. We can also point families in the right direction with advice about the various regulatory bodies that they may be able to take the matter further with.

At Anthony Collins Solicitors we are committed to representing and supporting vulnerable people and their families. We also have a team committed to providing advice and acting on behalf of those people who have lost the capacity to make decisions regarding their own care.

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