A recent press article has highlighted concerns by a leading consultant urological surgeon of the failure and delays in the NHS diagnosing Cauda Equina Syndrome leading to devastating injuries for patients. 

You can read the article here.

Additionally, a recent review of spinal services undertaken by Mike Hutton, consultant spinal surgeon, identified that 23% of litigation claims between 2013-2016 linked to spinal surgery related to Cauda Equina Syndrome, with the estimated costs of such claims being £68m. Delay or failure of diagnosis was the most common issue highlighted in such claims, followed by delay or failure in treatment.

Cauda Equina Syndrome is a set of symptoms people experience when the spinal nerves are compressed in lower the back. Compression of these nerves inhibits function and generates painful messages as well as symptoms. These are known as the ‘Red Flags’ of Cauda Equina Syndrome. They include acute low back pain, sciatica, bladder and bowel dysfunction, leg weakness and sexual dysfunction. The compression can be caused by a car accident, a slipped disc, tumours, stenosis, cysts and occasionally injections. Cauda Equina Syndrome is a spinal surgical emergency that requires urgent specialist assessment and intervention. If the condition is not managed in a time-efficient manner, it can lead to a range of severe permanent disabilities, including permanent limb paralysis, permanent loss of bowel, bladder and sexual function.

Anthony Collins Solicitors supports and partners the Cauda Equina Syndrome Association (“CESA”) whose vision is 'to bring Cauda Equina Syndrome and other spinal conditions to the forefront of people's minds, to aid prompt diagnosis and help people adapt their lives to achieve a happy and fulfilling future'.  

We are proud to work with CESA, which underlines our specialism in this type of negligence case. Whilst many lawyers will have experience in handling personal injury or clinical negligence claims, Cauda Equina and indeed spinal injury claims generally are highly complex matters and we understand the challenges of the injury and the long-term consequences. We take time to understand what the person suffering from Cauda Equina Syndrome and their families are going through. The road to recovery can seem like a long and difficult journey and we can also advise on a wide range of topics such as welfare benefits, understanding what your employment rights are, disability discrimination, your entitlement to statutory care.

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It is important to get independent specialist advice from an expert legal professional who knows their way around this particular type of injury and the legal framework within which to advance a claim. If you would like to discuss matters further on a no-obligation basis, please contact Rankeshwar Batta or Victoria Fullilove.