At Anthony Collins Solicitors, we realise it is a challenging time for churches who will be supporting members of their church and its community.

Many (if not all) churches have, at the time of writing, already suspended public worship. In a hugely positive response, many churches are finding different ways to meet either in person in small groups or by uploading virtual services for the wider membership. There is no doubt that technological advances are helping the world to carry on in new and creative ways and churches can be a positive part of this.

For churches like yours to continue and thrive in this more home-based world at the moment, we have compiled guidance on the practical issues you may need to consider at this time, e.g. occupation of properties either as landlord or tenant, governance issues such as the requirement to call your AGM, executing documents, dealing with employee absences and so on. We would, however, stress that in a rapidly-moving situation, with daily updates from the Government and the Chief Medical Officer, we would always suggest seeking specific and up to date advice when making decisions on any of the issues referred to in this note.

This note should show you how you can continue to achieve and fulfil your mission from home and whilst there will need to be innovation and some different ways of thinking applied, it can be done and you can still build the kingdom even when you cannot meet people face to face. It is exactly at times like these where the church and its members are so valuable and we are here to help you with that.

If you come across other issues that are not addressed then please let us know and we would be happy to help and/or develop answers for wider sharing. Whatever issues your church faces do feel free to contact Esther Campsall or Edwina Turner.

Download our Covid-19 briefing - emerging issues for churches (briefing updated 26 May).