What is your experience of the impact of social care and welfare reform in the UK?

The UK is the first state to be subjected to a confidential inquiry by the UN Committee on Rights of Persons with Disabilities, a procedure initiated when reliable information is received, suggesting that Convention rights are being systematically violated by a particular state.

The conclusions within the inquiry report are damning.

The Committee determined that recent welfare and benefits reforms in the UK have “disproportionally and adversely affected the rights of persons with disabilities”, restricting their freedom of choice and degree of control over their lives, and increasing the risk of anxiety and psychological strain.

The Committee has made 11 recommendations to the UK government, including measures to counter "negative and discriminatory stereotypes".

How has our government responded?

While acknowledging the importance of the Committee’s work in ensuring that the voices of the organisations and individuals were heard, our government has strongly refuted the claims and dismissed the conclusions within the report. (The UK has been a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities since 2007).

The current economic climate certainly presents real challenges for people with a disability, and also for the individuals and organisations committed to providing quality and personalised care and support.

As a firm, our purpose is to improve lives, communities and society.

We specialise in supporting and advising organisations who serve those who, due to age, mental or physical incapacity, mental health problems or addiction, may otherwise struggle to achieve their goals. We also represent the individual – the man, woman or child – who is not receiving the service and support they are entitled to.

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