Former PM Theresa May urges Government to follow through with redress for victims who have suffered harm taking Sodium Valproate, Primodos or by the use of the Vaginal Mesh Rankeshwar Batta

I wrote an article in July 2020 highlighting the “First Do No Harm” report which came about following the independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review. You can read it again here which will give some context to the comments made by Theresa May. The report was long overdue and rightly recognised errors that had been made and the deficiencies within our healthcare system in utilising and dealing with these drugs and products. Like Theresa May, I had hoped that the government would implement plans to carry out the recommendations sooner rather than later.

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Further Stay of Possession Proceedings until 20 September 2020 Alex Loxton

After much commentary in the housing press in recent days, we are aware that this morning, Friday 21 August 2020, the Civil Procedure Rules Committee approved a further amendment to the Court Rules, extending the current stay on possession proceedings until 20 September 2020. This is simply awaiting a Statutory Instrument to be laid by Parliament to bring the changes in; therefore, the position could change but the possibility of this is very slim.

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Charities fortnightly round-up 17 Safa Murad

Six months after the first recorded case of COVID-19 in the UK, it is clear that charities, community organisations and volunteers have played a huge role in the UK’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

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