“I started my training contract at ACS straight after finishing university and completing my LPC. Joining the firm was an easy decision; the firm’s rapid growth and rising profile made it an exciting opportunity. ACS’s values are closely aligned with mine and joining the firm has given me the chance to work on high-value and high-complexity matters which challenge and develop me, while enabling me to make a positive contribution to society.

The training seats at ACS give you an opportunity to experience the sectors and areas of law which you want to explore, and there is support there to ensure you get as much as possible from each seat. Your trainee managers will all help you to gain the skills and experience which you need to make the step up to newly-qualified solicitor.

The culture at ACS isn’t just a cliché; everyone is friendly and there for one another. In the first few years of your career, this makes a huge difference - partners will make time to help you to learn and colleagues across the firm want to support you.

The level of responsibility which juniors get at ACS is unparalleled. Trainees are given the opportunity to manage matters, as well as being trusted with lots of client contact and client meetings, even at the start of new seats. Training with ACS is something you can genuinely look forward to in the morning.”

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