“I applied to ACS because it was the only firm that appealed to me. It is rare to find a law firm that acts in the variety of sectors that ACS does, but rarer still for that firm to operate nationally. I had under taken work experience here at ACS before applying, which helped me to understand how the business operated and what drove people. The firm’s purpose is to improve life for both individuals and communities, and there is a real commitment from everyone to achieve this goal.

I started as a paralegal in the Governance and Commercial Department, and this aided me in preparing for the first seat of my training contract. It was immediately clear that ACS is a firm that is very committed to helping you become the best you can be, and there is a great support network for new starters. As a trainee, you receive a high level of responsibility for the work that you undertake, but there is also very effective supervision and lots of opportunities to improve your skills. The quality of work you are given is also excellent, and you feel like you are trusted to deliver.”

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