My role

I provide housing litigation services relating to all aspects of housing management litigation – particularly in the enforcement of tenancy agreements through possession and injunction proceedings, often arising out of anti-social behaviour, illegal use, trespass and condition of property issues.

My role means I often act quickly to safeguard clients’ tenants and properties, securing injunction orders on an urgent basis and expediting possession proceedings, working closely and pragmatically with instructing officers and partner agencies,

My experience

I have extensive experience of complex aspects of housing litigation including dealing with mental capacity issues (including the High Court case EPHA v Werrett [2015]), public law defences, appeals and cases involving several defendants. My role has provided experience in supporting witnesses through the court process and attending court hearings to represent clients myself wherever possible.

My specialisms

  • Housing litigation
  • Housing management litigation
  • Enforcement of tenancy agreements
  • Safeguarding clients’ tenants and properties

My latest articles

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Challenging Mental Capacity

The High Court has rejected an attempt by the Defendant in possession proceedings to appeal against a decision that he has capacity to conduct...

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