My role

I lead a team of property lawyers to deliver education, local government and social business work. In relation to schools and diocese I advise to help them convert to academies. In the social business sector I deal with leisure industry clients. The local government sector involves me working very closely with a public/private partnership helping them achieve their goals set in relation to identified properties which need to be purchased within set time scales.

My experience

I have experience in working with the Department for Education, schools, local authorities and social businesses. I appreciate and understand that some of these clients are not commercial and so I provide more detailed and hands-on support where necessary.

My specialisms

  • Property
  • Academies

Latest articles

When is voluntary overtime included in holiday pay?
When is voluntary overtime included in holiday pay?

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) confirms in Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council v Willetts and Ors (UKEAT/0334/16/JOJ) that voluntary overtime should be included when calculating...

Prenuptial agreements – Are you serious?!
Prenuptial agreements – Are you serious?!

Recent controversial divorce court decisions that have been hitting the headlines have reinforced my view that all couples contemplating marriage, irrespective of their financial...

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