My role

 I undertake all work relating to children law, whether the dispute is between parents or family members, or where the local authority is involved. This includes applications for contact (access) and residence (custody).
I also deal with cases where domestic violence is an issue and where advice regarding injunctions is required and frequently appear in court, as well as representing clients in the High Court. I’m a Resolution accredited specialist too, in the fields of domestic violence law and children law (private).

My experience

I have been at Anthony Collins Solicitors for over 10 years, and am 100% home-grown, having started as a paralegal shortly before my training contract began in 2004. I wanted to work here, as the firm had strong values and, amongst other things, believed in helping vulnerable individuals who were in need.  The firm’s values and purpose entirely reflect that today.

My specialisms

  • Children law
  • Domestic violence law

Latest articles

The Golden Share Regulations are in force!
The Golden Share Regulations are in force!

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