My role

As a member of our governance and commercial department, I advise private, public and third-sector organisations on commercial contracts, business opportunities and corporate reorganisations. I frequently provide contract reviews for health and social care providers, reports on regulatory compliance and carry out legal due diligence on large-scale restructures.

My experience

My training at Anthony Collins Solicitors began with providing support and advice to vulnerable individuals and this continues to influence the work I undertake for commercial organisations. I have provided a wide range of advice across our housing, local government, and health and social care sectors and enjoy working alongside clients looking to grow and improve their services.

My specialisms

  • Commercial and legal risk analysis (legal due diligence)
  • Business reorganisation
  • Governance and regulatory compliance
Residential care contracts - fees after death
Residential care contracts - fees after death

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has now published final advice to help care homes understand and comply with their responsibilities under consumer law, in these circumstances.

Contracting with the NHS and healthcare organisations
Contracting with the NHS and healthcare organisations

Identify where financial responsibility rests — whilst healthcare is generally a free-for-all, certain social services are means-tested. Sometimes individuals are able, or are required, to pay towa

Healthcare jargon buster
Healthcare jargon buster

Key terms to be familiar with: ‘Acute care’ - short-term treatment for a severe injury or episode of illness, an urgent medical condition or recovery from surgery. ‘Better care fund’ - a £5.

I have been recognised for the work I do
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