Our experienced social business team provides support and advice to values-driven businesses within the social business sector on all aspects of strategic pensions advice.

Pension costs can make up a significant amount of an organisation's overall costs, to protect the future sustainability of an organisation it is imperative that organisations manage their pension costs and safeguard themselves against associated risks.

Since the introduction of the auto-enrolment pension obligations, smaller organisations have seen a large increase in pension costs and contribution obligations. We work with commercial businesses within the social business sector to ensure that they are meeting their auto-enrolment obligations, are compliant and avoiding non-compliance penalties.

Many social businesses will participate in one of the public-sector pension schemes. When a social business has spun out from local government, it is usually a requirement that they participate in the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).

When an organisation is bidding for local government contracts, it is important that they are aware of and understand the pension obligations and associated risks they may be taking on when entering outsourcing situations. These can include variable contribution rates, additional contributions and exit payments. 

At Anthony Collins Solicitors our specialist team of social business solicitors have vast experience and knowledge in advising and negotiating detailed pension agreements in outsourcing situations within the social business sector. We work in partnership with contractors in the social business sector to ensure that they understand the agreements they are entering into and that they are safeguarding themselves against associated risks. 

Our strategic pension advice for values-driven businesses

Our expert team of social business solicitors work in partnership with commercial businesses to guide and support them on all aspects of strategic pension advice for values-driven businesses, including:

  • Advising on additional pension contributions to LGPS that can be payable in redundancy and restructuring situations and when staff take an early release of pension benefits on the grounds of ill health.
  • Advising LGPS employers on how best to manage change programmes to minimise the impact this has on redundancy and business efficiency.
  • Assisting employers to ensure that decisions on ill-health benefits are appropriately managed to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Helping LGPS manage their cost pressures by ensuring that they have robust policies in place, dealing with the exercise of discretions under the LGPS regulations.
  • Creating policies to outline how certain discretions will be exercised.
  • Supporting LGPS employers and pension funds to manage appeals, under the internal dispute-resolution procedure.
  • Advising social businesses on their auto-enrolment obligations, whether staff should be enrolled or not, either because their pay varies or because they are not a typical type of worker.

Our knowledge and experience of the social business sector means that we can advise quickly and cost efficiently, allowing time to be focused elsewhere and minimising the risk of applications to the Pensions Ombudsman.

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