Thinking about death isn’t something anyone likes to dwell on – but as the old saying goes, it is one of life's certainties.

With this in mind, planning for the future and ensuring you leave the legacy you want for the people and causes you care about should bring peace of mind. Added to which, certainty about what you want to happen in the event of your death can bring a real comfort to those left behind.

For the majority of people, there will be many good reasons to make a will and we can help you with whatever arrangements you wish to put in place. It may be that you need your will to appoint guardians for your children, in the event that you die whilst they are still young. It may be that you have a large and complex estate, which needs to be carefully planned and safeguarded or it may be that you want to make sure that friends or charities rather than, or as well as, family receive the benefit of anything you may leave on death.

Understanding your will

Whatever your situation, we will help you to understand why making a will might be a good idea and what would happen if you choose not to make a one, which would leave the Intestacy Rules to apply to your estate. We can guide and support you through the decisions you need to make to provide your will instructions, and we can prepare and explain your will and any supporting documents, such as a Letter of Wishes that might supplement the ‘legal’ words of your will.

We understand that how you want to leave your assets when you die is a personal and important decision. We also know that different people will place value in different things – from treasured items of sentimental value to significant wealth – your priorities for your estate are our priorities to achieve through your will.

Working closely with you, we will give you the best advice to achieve what you want, while all the time explaining what the decisions you are making and the documents that are being prepared actually mean. Where possible, we will also make sure you are provided with the range of options available to you so you can make a fully-informed decision about what is best for you.

In preparing wills we comply with the STEP Code  (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) and four members of our team are full members of STEP: Donna Holmes, Alex Elphinston, James Hall and Lisa Whitehouse.

Experts in helping you plan your will

To help you in starting to think about a will and what planning for the future might mean for you, have a look through our handy ‘How do I make a will’ leaflet. It sets out some of the important questions you need to think about to provide will instructions – and enable your first conversation or meeting to focus on the issues that really matter to you.

To make a will...

If you decide to make a will, completing our personal profile form enables us to have the basic information easily to hand and will hopefully avoid you being put on the spot for information! Or, get in touch with us in the first instance and we can help you complete it.

Things to consider when preparing your will...

  • What your funeral wishes are.

  • Who you wish to be your executors.

  • Who you will appoint as guardians, if you have children under 18.

  • To whom you wish to leave your estate.

  • Whether you wish to leave legacies.

  • Administrative provisions.

New Model Rules for CLTs
New Model Rules for CLTs

Anthony Collins Solicitors has updated the National Community Land Trust (“NCLTN”) Model Rules.

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Transforming Business
Transforming Business

We welcome the Labour Party’s commitment to doubling the size of the co-operative economy. We wholeheartedly support the ambition to grow this vitally important part of the economy.

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