Our Sector Focus

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We focus our business around seven key sectors that reflect our passions, skills and talents.

By harnessing our knowledge and experience of working in these sectors, we can think beyond the ordinary legal disciplines, helping us to deliver solutions and advice to maximum effect for our clients.  Our seven sectors are:

  • Children and Young People - delivering child-centred outcomes to individuals and organisations promoting the health, safety, achievements, and economic wellbeing of children and young people;
  • Enterprise - helping “not just for profit” commercial enterprises, co-operatives, mutuals and social enterprises achieve their goals and enjoy long term, sustainable futures;
  • Faith Communities – partnering with faith-based groups to help deliver their ministry and mission agendas;
  • Health and Social Care - delivering an expert and nationally recognised service to individuals and many top adult health and social care service providers;
  • Housing - contributing to national regeneration and creating successful neighbourhoods where people want to live;
  • Local Government - through specialist work with local authorities and regeneration in its broadest sense;
  • Private Legal Services - expert teams helping individuals with a range of legal needs.