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Thank you for joining us at our conference that explored key developments in charity law and governance.

We know that it is often a struggle to recall everything that you learn at an event; information and insight that seemed crystal clear at the time often seems indistinct by the time you are back at your desk.

To help, we have tapped into the knowledge of the external speakers at our Charity Law and Governance Conference, as well as our charities team, to identify a selection of our favourite resources for charities. To access them, simply click on the hyperlink of the numbered titles.

Handy charity resources
As a team, we are often called upon to advise clients on governance issues that go beyond things that are strictly legal. This can involve picking up on board dynamics, supporting the staff team or addressing other sensitive topics. It sometimes helps to do that by referring to guidance produced by a third-party. 'One Minute Tips on Governance', published by Compass Partnership, is a handy collection of 20 one-page tips just right for situations like that.
Shivaji Shiva, Senior Associate
Guidance on fundraising for charities
4. Trustees and Fundraising

...produced by the Institute of Fundraising, in partnership with Charity Finance Group, NCVO and ACEVO.

Every trustee has a role to play in ensuring that their organisation fundraises legally, responsibily and effectively. This free guide, from the Institute of Fundraising, will help you do that.
Shivaji Shiva, Senior Associate
The title says it all. The Charity Commission issues a wide range of useful guidance, but CC3 is the truly essential starting point for any new trustee.
Shivaji Shiva, Senior Associate
It's useful for pretty much everything...the flowcharts that accompany some of the operational guidance can be very helpful, particularly when explaining the options available to trustees and their charities.
Katie Douglas, Legal Executive
Helpful documents for trustees of faith-based charities
7. Briefing papers

...from Stewardship Services.

Property fact sheets for charities
8. Asset transfer legal toolkit fact sheets

...by Locality

Tax and HMRC guidance
9. HMRC Guidance on Charities and Investment

...by HMRC.

These are much more detailed than before and take into account the many shades of grey that exist in charity investments. Read this alongside the Charity Commission's own guidance on charities and investment for maximum effect. This is important reading for anyone working in, or dealing with, charities.
Victoria Jardine, Partner
For further information

For more information on governance, the role of trustees, or other legal issues relevant to charities, please contact Shivaji Shiva or your usual contact in the charity team.

You can find out more about how Anthony Collins Solicitors supports charities here.

Shivaji Shiva, Senior Associate

Shivaji Shiva, Senior Associate

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