Our lawyers are drawn from a range of backgrounds, whether they be home grown, or from international commercial firms, local government or public funded general practices. We don’t just look for technical expertise; we want people who bring a wider skill set to our firm. Emotional intelligence and a desire to collaborate are key qualities that we look for. The fields of law that you would cover include commercial, charities, regulatory, banking and finance, public procurement, construction and property, employment, family and children, wills and probate, personal wealth management, personal injury, clinical negligence, housing litigation, commercial dispute resolution, and other specialisms relevant to the sectors that we serve. We believe that to thrive, we have to choose what we want to do and then be better than anyone else at it. For us that means being lawyers who know that people matter and that everyone needs a healthy place to live and work. Many of our clients instruct us because we understand what they are about – and we are constantly looking at ways of delivering their business aims and their mission, whether it is, for example, affordable housing, better public services or making a difference in their communities. We are also often thanked for getting the best possible result for individuals who would not otherwise have the expertise and determination that we offer. I hope that you are intrigued – and I very much look forward to our conversation with you.
Mark Cook, Partner and Training Principal, Anthony Collins Solicitors.
We will be holding an open day for anyone interested in training at Anthony Collins Solicitors. Email openday@anthonycollins.com to register your interest.
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