We will be recruiting for 2019 and 2020 in our next round of recruitment and you will be able to submit an application between 1st November 2017 and 31st July 2018.

If your application is successful, you’ll be invited to take part in verbal reasoning and legal interpretation tests. If you’re successful in both tests, you’ll then be invited to attend a structured interview and assessment centre. All of the assessments will take place in August 2018, so please make sure that you are free to attend.

To apply, you’ll need to create an account. Please upload a CV once you have created your account, you will then need to apply for the position via our vacancies page.

Our selection criteria

We welcome applications from both students with and without a law background, who have a minimum of BBB from three A Levels (excluding General Studies) or 300 UCAS points. Candidates must also have achieved at least a 2:2 classification at degree level.

What we look for

Some of the attributes we look for in our new recruits:

  • Enthused by our values. We want people who love the work that they do.
  • Innovative and creative thinker. We want people who can help us evolve.
  • Intellectually curious to research and enquire. We want independent thinkers.
  • Understands personal impact on others; knowing how to contribute most effectively in the workplace. We want individuals to join our firm.
  • Flexible team worker. We want people who contribute positively when working in a team.
  • Accomplished communicator. We want people with the ability to positively influence others.
  • Manages personal performance to meet expectations; demonstrating drive, determination and accountability whilst doing so. We want people who are committed to succeeding.
  • Resilience, perseverance and positivity when meeting new challenges. We want people who don’t give up.
Contact our HR team

If you'd like more information, please contact our HR team directly here.

We're holding an open day on 25 January 2018. If you'd like to attend, please send your CV to openday@anthonycollins.com

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